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484 AD6122 AD7821KR MUX24AQ ADDAC85 ADP3301AR-5 AD8013AR-14-REEL7 ADV7162 AD536AKH AD538AD ADADC85S-12 AD9887KS-100 AD6622 AD843JR-16 AD7895AR-3 AD8200R ADDS-2171-EZ-ICE-P AD976AN AD706AR AD736JR-REEL-7 AD7672CQ05 OP41 ADM699AN AD676KN AD637KD/+ AD7549KN AD585 AD8012ARM-REEL7

ADI Datablade Catalog-110

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
AD8804ARU ADI0.3-8V; 0.9-1.3W; 12-channel, 8-bit trimDAC with power shutdown. For automatic adjustment, trimmer replacement
AD573JN ADI0-7V; 800mW; 10-bit A/D converter
OP484 ADIPrecision Rail-to-Rail Input & Output Operational Amplifier
AD6122 ADICDMA 3 V Transmitter IF Subsystem with Integrated Voltage Regulator
AD7821KR ADILC2MOS high speed, uP-compatible 8-Bit ADC with track/hold function, +/- 1LSB
MUX24AQ ADI36V; 25mA; 8-channel/dual 4-chan JFET analog multiplexer. For geometry correction in high-resolution CRT displays
ADDAC85 ADIComplete Low Cost 12-Bit D/A Converters
ADP3301AR-5 ADIOutputV 5V; high accuracy anyCAP 100mA low dropout linear regulator. For cellular telephones; notebook, palmtop computers; battery powered systems and portable instruments
AD8013AR-14-REEL7 ADI13.2V; single supply, low power triple video amplifier. For LCD displays, video line driver
ADV7162 ADI96-Bit, 220 MHz True-Color Video RAM-DAC in 160-pin QFP
AD536AKH ADI18V; 500mW; integrated circuit true RMS-to-DC converter
AD538AD ADI18V; 250mW; 1mA; real-time analog computational unit (ACU). For one-or-two quadrant mult/div
ADADC85S-12 ADIFast complete, 12-bit A/D converter
AD9887KS-100 ADI3.6V; 20mA; dual interface for flat panel display. For RGB graphics processing, LCD monitors and projectors
AD6622 ADI65 MSPS, Quad Transmit Signal Processor
AD843JR-16 ADI18V; 1.5W; 34MHz, CBFET fast settling Op Amp. For high speed sample-and-hold amplifiers, high bandwidth active filters
AD7895AR-3 ADI5V; 450mW; 12-bit, serial 3.8uS ADC
AD8200R ADI12.5V; high common-mode voltage, single supply difference amplifier. For transmission control, diesel injection control, engine management
ADDS-2171-EZ-ICE-P ADIADSP-2100 development tool
AD976AN ADI16-bit, 100 kSPS BiCMOS A/D converters
AD706AR ADI+-18V; 650mW; dual picoampere inout current bipolar Op Amp. For low frequency active filters, precision instrumentation and integrators
AD736JR-REEL-7 ADI+-16.5V; 200mW; low cost, low power, tue RMS-to-DC converter
AD7672CQ05 ADI-0.3 to +7V; 1000mW; LC2MOS high-speed 12-bit ADC
OP41 ADILow-Bias-Current, High-Stability JFET Operational Amplifier
ADM699AN ADI0.3-6V; 500mW; microprocessor supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems, computers, controllers
AD676KN ADI0.3-26.4V; 16-bit 100 kSPS sampling ADC
AD637KD/+ ADI500V; 108mW; high precision, wideband true RMS-to-DC converter
AD7549KN ADI-0.3 to +17V; 450mW; LC2MOS dual 12-bit uP-compatibleDAC. For automatic test equipment, programmable filters, audio systems
AD585 ADI18V; high speed, precision sample-and-hold amplifier
AD8012ARM-REEL7 ADI12.6V; dual 350MHz low power amplifier. For XDSL, HDSL line driver, ADC buffer and professional cameras

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