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DP3801 AD524AR-16-REEL7 AD7591DIBQ AD53033 AD7880BN ADDS-2181-EZ-ICE REF198FS AD7390AN ADP3334AR AD6426XST ADM222AN AD395JM AD8522 AD537 AD8628ART AD1377JD DAC8228FR AD2S80ATD ADG413BR REF03GS ADVFC32 AD7677AST EVAL-AD9831EB AD633JR-REEL7 ADV7121KN50 AD622AR-REEL7 AD667AD AD7868A

ADI Datablade Catalog-180

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
AD625BD/+ ADI+-18V; 450mW; programmable gain instrumentation amplifier
ADM202JN ADIHigh-speed, 5 V, CMOS RS-232 driver/receivers
ADP3801 ADI200 kHz, High Frequency Switch Mode Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger
AD524AR-16-REEL7 ADI18V; 450mW; precision instrumentation amplifier
AD7591DIBQ ADI+17.0V; 450mW; DI CMOS analog switches with data latches
AD53033 ADIDRIVER/COMPARATOR High Performance Driver/Comparator on a Single Chip
AD7880BN ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; LC2MOS single low power, 12-bit sampling ADC. For digital signal processing, speech recognition and synthesis, high speed modems, control and instrumentation
ADDS-2181-EZ-ICE ADIADSP-2100 development tool
REF198FS ADI0.3-18V; precision micropower, low dropout, voltage reference. For portable instrumentation, A-to-D and D-to-A converters, smart sensors
AD7390AN ADI0.3-8V; 50mA; serial-input micropower 10-bit and 12-bit DAC
ADP3334AR ADI0.3-16V; ihgh accuracy low Iq, 500mA anyCAP adjustable low dropout regulator. For cellular phines, camcoders, cameras, networking systems, DSL/cable modems
AD6426XST ADIEnhanced GSM processor
ADM222AN ADINominal5V; high-speed; 400mW; CMOS RS-232 driver/receiver. For computers, peripherals, modems, printers, instruments
AD395JM ADI0.3-17V; quad 12-bit compatible multiplying D/A converter
AD8522 ADI+5 Volt, Serial Input, Dual 12-Bit DAC
AD537 ADIIntegrated Circuit Voltage-to-Frequency Converter
AD8628ART ADI6V; zero-drift, single-supply, rail-to-rail input/output low noise operational amplifier. For automotive sensors, pressure and position sensors, strain gage amplifiers and medical instrumentation
AD1377JD ADI18V; complete, high speed 16-bit A/D converter
DAC8228FR ADI0.3-17V; dual 8-bit CMOS D/A converter. For disk drive systems, automatic test equipment
AD2S80ATD ADI14V; 860mW; variable resolution, monolithic resolver-to-digital converter. For DC brushless and AC motor control, process control, numeral control of machine tools, robotics, axis control, military servo control
ADG413BR ADI44V; 30-100mA; LC2MOS precision quad SPST switch. For audio and video routing, automatic test equipment
REF03GS ADI40V; precision voltage reference
ADVFC32 ADILow cost monolithic voltage-to-frequency (V/F) converter or frequency-to-voltage (F/V) converter.
AD7677AST ADI7V; 16-bit, 1LSB INL, 1MSPS differential ADC. For CT scanners, data acquisition, instrumentation, spectrum analysis
EVAL-AD9831EB ADI0.3-7V; CMOS complete DDS. For DDS tuning and digital demodulation
AD633JR-REEL7 ADILow cost analog multiplier
ADV7121KN50 ADI+7V; CMOS 50MHz, triple 10-bit video DAC. For high resolution color graphics, CAE/CAD/CAM applications, image processing, instrumentation, video signal reconstruction
AD622AR-REEL7 ADI18V; 650mW; low cost instrumentation amplifier. For transducer interface, low cost thermocouple amplifier
AD667AD ADI0-18V; 1000mW; microprocessor-compatible 12-bit D/A converter. For automatic test equipment, robotics, process control
AD7868AQ ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; LC2MOS complete 12-bit analog I/O system. For digital signal processing, speech recognition and synthesis, stectrum analysis, high speed modems, DSP servo control

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