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48BN AD7943BRS ADSP-2104 ADP1109 ADG419BR AD9901TQ/883 AD7543TE EVAL-ADM1022 AD8343 EVAL-AD7730EB ADG407BN 1B31AN AD848JCHIPS AD260AND-0 AD673JP ADP3162JR EVAL-ADF4213EB2 DAC8840FS AD625 AD532SD AD8019AR-EVAL REF193GP AD7393 DAC8408FP AD711JR ADM809SART-REEL AD654 AD9888KS-205

ADI Datablade Catalog-3

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AD817 ADI"High Speed, Low Power Wide Supply Range Amplifier"
ADG786BCP ADI"2.5OHm, 1.8-5.5V, +-2.5V triple/quad SPDT switch"
AD7948BN ADI"0.3-6V; 450mW; multiplying 12-bit DAC. For battery-powered instrumentation, laptop computers, upgrades for all 754x serial DACs (5V Designs)"
AD7943BRS ADI"0.3-6V; 450mW; multiplying 12-bit DAC. For battery-powered instrumentation, laptop computers, upgrades for all 754x serial DACs (5V Designs)"
ADSP-2104 ADI"16-bit, 20 MIPS, 5v, 2 serial ports"
ADP1109 ADI"Micropower Low Cost Fixed 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and Adjustable DC-DC Converter"
ADG419BR ADI"44V; 30-100mA; 400mW; LC2MOS precision mini-DIP analog switch. For precision test equipment, pres. instrumentation"
AD9901TQ/883 ADI"7V; 30mA; ultra high speed phase/frequency discriminarot. For low phase noise reference loops, fast-tuning AGILE IF loops"
AD7543TE ADI0 to +7V; 670mW; CMOS serial input 12-bit DAC
EVAL-ADM1022 ADIEvaluation board for microprocessor system temperature monitor
AD8343 ADIDC To 2.5 GHz High IP3 Active Mixer
EVAL-AD7730EB ADI"0.3-7V; 450mW; 16-bit, bridge transducer ADC. For weigh scales, pressure measurement"
ADG407BN ADILC2MOS 8-/16-channel high performance analog multiplexers
1B31AN ADI"InputV 9.5-28V; outputV 4-15V; 100mA; wide bandwidth strain gage signal conditioner. For measurement of strain, torque, force, pressure; instrumentation indicators, recorders, controllers; and data acquisition systems"
AD848JCHIPS ADI"18V; 1.1W; high speed, low powered monolithic Op Amp. For cable drivers, 8 and 10-bit data acquisition systems, video and R amplification, signal generators"
AD260AND-0 ADI"High speed, logic isolator with power transformer, 0 inputs, 5 outputs, isolation test voltage=1.75 kV"
AD673JP ADI"8-Bit A/D converter, relative accuracy +/- 1/2 LSB max"
ADP3162JR ADIEvaluation board for 1MSPS 12-/10-bit ADC
EVAL-ADF4213EB2 ADI2.35GHz dual evaluation board for PLL frequency synthesizer
DAC8840FS ADI"0.3-7.0V; octal 8-bit, 4-quadrant multiplying, CMOS trimDAC. For automatic adjustment, trimmer replacement"
AD625 ADIProgrammable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier
AD532SD ADI"10-22V; internally trimmed integrated circuit multiplier for multipication, division, squaring, square rooting"
AD8019AR-EVAL ADI26.4V; 1.4-2.2W; DSL line driver with power-down
REF193GP ADI"0.3-18V; precision micropower, low dropout, voltage reference. For portable instrumentation, A-to-D and D-to-A converters, smart sensors"
AD7393 ADI"+3/+5 V, Parallel-Input Micropower 10-Bit DAC"
DAC8408FP ADI0-7V; quad 8-bit multiplying CMOS D/A converter with memory. For voltage set points in automatic test equipment
AD711JR ADI"+-22V; 500mW; precision, low cost, high speed, BiFET Op Amp"
ADM809SART-REEL ADI"0.3-6V; 20mA; 320mW; microprocessor supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems, computers, controllers, intelligent instruments, automotive systems"
AD654 ADILow Cost Monolithic Voltage-to-Frequency Converter
AD9888KS-205 ADI"3.6V; 100/140/170/205 MSPS analog flat panel interface. For RGB graphics processing, LCD monitors and projectors, plasma display panels, scan converters, microdisplays and digital TV"

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