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4M BZX84C39T B330/A/B DDTA143ZCA BZX84C10TS MBR830 RS3B/BB PBU804 P4KE220C MMBZ5251BS DDC143TK S1J/JB MB35-2 UDZ2V4B 1N4002G ZY16 SBG1030L 1N5383B FR1A S2K/KA MMBZ5252BTS 5KP240(C)A P4KE250CA 1N4933 MURS160 BFR92A BZX84C13W LLSD101B-13

Diodes Datablade Catalog-48

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
1N5224B Diodes2.8V; 500mW epitaxial zener diode
KBJ4005G Diodes50V; 4.0A glass passivated bridge rectifier
DF04M Diodes400V; 1.0A glass passivated bridge rectifier
BZX84C39T Diodes39V; 150mW surface mount zener diode
B330/A/B Diodes30V; 3.0A surface mount schottky barrier rectifier. Guard ring die construction for transient protection
DDTA143ZCA Diodes50V; 100mA PNP PRE-biased small signal surface mount transistor
BZX84C10TS Diodes10V; 200mW triple surface mount zener diode array
MBR830 Diodes30V; 8.0A schottky barrier rectifier for use in low voltage, high frequency inverters, free wheeling and polarity protection applications
RS3B/BB Diodes100V; 3.0A surface mount fast recovery rectifier
PBU804 Diodes400V; 8.0A bridge rectifier
P4KE220C Diodes175.00V; 400W transient voltage suppressor
MMBZ5251BS Diodes22V; 200mW surface mount zener diode. Ideally suited for automated assembly processes
DDC143TK Diodes50V; 100mA NPN PRE-biased small signal dual surface mount transistor
S1J/JB Diodes600V; 1.0A surface mount fast recovery rectifier
MB35-2 Diodes200V; 35.0A high current silicon bridge rectifier
UDZ2V4B Diodes2.430-2.630V; 200mW surface mount precision zener diode. Ideally suited for automated assembly processes
1N4002G Diodes100V; 1.0A glass passivated rectifier; diffused junction; high current capability and low forward voltage drop
ZY16 Diodes15.3-17.1V silicon power zener diode
SBG1030L Diodes30V; 10mA schottky barrier rectifier
1N5383B Diodes150V 5W zener diode
FR1A Diodes50V; 1.0A glass passivated fast recovery rectifier
S2K/KA Diodes800V; 1.5A surface mount glass passivated rectifier
MMBZ5252BTS Diodes24V; 200mW triple surface mount zener diode array. Ideally suited for automated assembly
5KP240(C)A Diodes240V; 5000W transient voltage suppressor
P4KE250CA Diodes214.00V; 400W transient voltage suppressor
1N4933 Diodes50V; 1.0A fast recovery rectifier; fast switching for high efficiency
MURS160 Diodes600V; 1.0A surface mount super-fast rectifier. Ideally for automated assembly
BFR92A Diodes20V; 30mA NPN wideband transistor; RF wideband amplifier/oscillator
BZX84C13W Diodes13V; 200mW surface mount zener diode
LLSD101B-13 Diodes50V; 15mA surface mount schottky barrier diode

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