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DM74AS21M 74LVTH244SJ 74LVT16373MEAX NM27C020T150 SFI9630 74LVQ157SCX 74LVX163MTCX 74ABT652CMTC 74ACTQ827SC 74F402PC 74LVX112M 74LVTH573MTCX 74VHCT04AMTCX LF351 RC4194K FES16DT FFPF40U60S 74LVX373SJ 74F181SCX KSC5042 NM27C512VE150 FJNS4210R MV7344 BZX84C16 NC7SP126 NM24C16UN 74AC

Fairchild Datablade Catalog-221

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
FYV0203DP FairchildSchottky Diode
CD4027BCM FairchildDual J-K Master/Slave Flip-Flop with Set and Reset
DM74AS21M FairchildDual 4-Input AND Gate
74LVTH244SJ FairchildLow Voltage Octal Buffer/Line Driver with 3-STATE Outputs
74LVT16373MEAX FairchildLow Voltage 16-Bit Transparent Latch with 3-STATE Outputs
NM27C020T150 Fairchild2 Meg (256k x 8) UV Erasable CMOS EPROM [Life-time buy]
74LVQ157SCX FairchildLow Voltage Quad 2-Input Multiplexer
74LVX163MTCX FairchildLow Voltage Synchronous Binary Counter with Synchronous Clear
74ABT652CMTC FairchildOctal Transceivers and Registers with 3-STATE Outputs [Advanced]
74ACTQ827SC FairchildQuiet Series 10-Bit Buffer/Line Driver with 3-STATE Outputs
74F402PC FairchildSerial Data Polynomial Generator/Checker
74LVX112M FairchildLow Voltage Dual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear
74LVTH573MTCX FairchildLow Voltage Octal Transparent Latch with 3-STATE Outputs
74VHCT04AMTCX FairchildHex Inverter
LF351 FairchildSingle Operational Amplifier (JFET)
RC4194K FairchildDual tracking voltage regulators
FES16DT Fairchild16 Ampere Glass Passivated Super Fast Rectifiers
74LVX373SJ FairchildLow Voltage Octal Transparent Latch with 3-STATE Outputs
74F181SCX Fairchild4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit
KSC5042 FairchildNPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor
NM27C512VE150 Fairchild524,288-Bit (64K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROM
FJNS4210R FairchildPNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor
MV7344 FairchildSUPER BRIGHT T-1 (3mm) LED LAMP - Water Clear
BZX84C16 FairchildZener Diodes
NC7SP126 FairchildULP Buffer with 3-STATE Output
NM24C16UN Fairchild16K-bit Serial EEPROM 2-Wire Bus Interface
74ACTQ841CW FairchildQuiet Series 10-Bit Transparent Latch with 3-STATE Outputs
FPBL15SH60 FairchildSmart Power Module (SPM)

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