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846 8384 E3 7364 7876 E540 7732 E273 7133 ML4H E164 L1040 E206 EA404 337L E71-12V E242 L7414A L4075 E227 288 328 L6414 E35 L56 N520A

Gilway Datablade Catalog-4

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
E303 GilwayRed GaAlAs, T-1 3/4, ultra bright LED. Lens diffused. Luminous intensity at 20mA 200mcd(min), 300mcd(max). Forward voltage at 20mA 1.85V(typ), 2.50V(max).
188 GilwaySubminiature krypton lamp with clear-end. 5.0V, 1.00A, 42 lumens.
E92 GilwayYellow, surface mount, gull wing LED. Lens clear. Luminous intensity at 20mA 20.0mcd (min), 70.0mcd (max). Typ. forward voltage at 20mA 2.10V.
L4040 GilwayCartridge lens-end lamp. 2.50V,2.75V,3.00V,3.25V,3.50V; 0.300A,0.310A,0.325A,0.340A,0.370A.
8846 GilwayT-1 subminiature, wire lead lamp. 3.0 volts, 0.008 amps.
8384 GilwayT-1 3/4 subminiature, midget screw lamp. 28.0 volts, 0.04 amps.
E3 GilwayRed miniature LED (2.00mm diameter). Lens translucent. Luminous intensity at 20mA 3.0mcd(typ). Forward voltage at 20mA 2.1V(typ).
7364 GilwayT-1 3/4 subminiature, bi-pin lamp. 6.0 volts, 0.20 amps.
7876 GilwayT-1 3/4 subminiature, bi-pin lamp. 28.0 volts, 0.06 amps.
E540 GilwayUltra bright red, right angle/side lighting surface mount LED. Lens translucent red. Luminous intensity at 20mA 40.0mcd (min), 70.0mcd (max). Typ.forward voltage at 20mA 1.85V.
7732 GilwayT-1 subminiature, bi-pin lamp. 2.5 volts, 0.100 amps.
E273 GilwayYellow T-1 3/4 flat top LED. Lens diffused. Luminous intensity at 20mA 1.3mcd(min), 8.0mcd(max). Forward voltage at 20mA 2.1V(typ), 2.5V(max).
7133 GilwayT-3/4 subminiature, wire lead lamp. 5.0 volts, 0.075 amps.
ML4H GilwayHalogen medical instrument lens-end lamp. 2.5 volts, 0.690 amps, 18 lumens.
E164 GilwayT-3 1/4 green jumbo, flashing led (10mm). Lens diffused, peak wave length 565nm.
L1040 GilwayClear-end halogen lamp. 5.0 volts, 1.350 amps, 70 lumens.
E206 GilwayT-1 3/4 bi-color LED (very bright). Green & yellow.
EA404 GilwayYellow, right angle, quad-level, mini LED. Lens diffused. Max.luminous intensity at 10mA 5.0mcd. Typ. forward voltage at 20mA 2.1V.
337L GilwayT-1 3/4 subminiature, miniature grooved lamp. 6.0 volts, 0.22 amps.
E71-12V GilwayRed, surface mount LED with resistor - 12V. Lens translucent. Voltage range 9.5Vdc (min), 13.0Vdc (max). Luminous intensity at 12Vdc 5.0mcd (min), 20.0mcd (max).
E242 GilwayOrange, T-1 3/4, right angle leads, LED (5mm). Lens diffused. Max.luminous intensity at 10mA 32.0mcd. Typ. forward voltage at 20mA 2.0V.
L7414A GilwayMiniature quartz halogen lamp. 12.0 volt, 35 watts, 560 lumens.
L4075 GilwayCartridge lens-end lamp. 5.00V, 0.170A.
E227 GilwayRed large rectangular LED (2.3x7). Lens diffused. Typ.luminous intensity at 10mA 1.25mcd. Max. forward voltage at 20mA 2.5V.
288 GilwaySubminiature halogen lamp. 5.0V, 6.0V; 0.90A, 1,00A; 54 lumens, 100 lumens.
328 GilwayT-1 3/4 subminiature, miniature flanged lamp. 6.0 volts, 0.20 amps.
L6414 GilwayMiniature quartz halogen lamp. 6.0 volt, 10 watts, 150 lumens.
E35 GilwayGreen T-1 3/4 low current LED. Lens diffused. Luminous intensity at 2mA 0.8mcd(min), 2.0mcd(typ). Forward voltage at 20mA 2.2V(typ), 2.5V(max).
L56 GilwayT-3/4 subminiature, bi-pin lamp. 14.0 volts, 0.050 amps.
N520A GilwayNeon glow lamp (high brightness) with dark effect. Color off clear, color on red. Circuit voltage 90-115/220.

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