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GS-50 BSP17 DLR3416 LY5460-HL TLE4923 SAB-C515C-LM KPY33-RK CGY62 BCR196 BXY42-TS BCR521 LY5360-JM BAR17 BAT64-05 BF2040W SAB-C501G-1EN HYM64V1645GU-50 SFH481 SDA2506-5 BCR135S HYB514100BJ-50 IL4208 BAT14-114 HYB3116405BJ-50 BB833 BCR108 STL51004A TLE5207 BCV61C

Infineon Datablade Catalog-131

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
FP412D250 InfineonDifferential magneto resistor
HYM72V8020GS-50 Infineon8M x 72bit DRAM module
BSP17 InfineonN-channel SIPMOS small-signal transistor
DLR3416 Infineon4-character 5x7 dot matrix (red)
LY5460-HL Infineon5mm yellow LED
TLE4923 InfineonDynamic differential hall effect sensor IC
SAB-C515C-LM Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller for external memory
KPY33-RK InfineonSilicon piezoresistive relative pressure sensor
CGY62 InfineonGaAs MMIC
BCR196 InfineonPNP silicon digital transistor
BXY42-TS InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
BCR521 InfineonNPN silicon digital transistor
LY5360-JM Infineon5mm yellow LED
BAR17 InfineonSilicon PIN diode
BAT64-05 InfineonSilicon schottky diode
BF2040W InfineonSilicon N-channel MOSFET tetrode
SAB-C501G-1EN Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller with OTP memory (12 MHz)
HYM64V1645GU-50 Infineon16M x 64bit DRAM module
SFH481 InfineonGaAlAs infrared emitters
SDA2506-5 InfineonNonvolatile memory 1-Kbit E2PROM, 128 x 8-bit organization
BCR135S InfineonNPN silicon digital transistor
HYB514100BJ-50 Infineon4M x 1bit DRAM
IL4208 Infineon800V triac driver optocoupler
BAT14-114 InfineonSilicon Schottky Diode
HYB3116405BJ-50 Infineon4M x 4bit EDO-DRAM
BB833 InfineonSilicon tuning diode
BCR108 InfineonNPN silicon digital transistor
STL51004A Infineon1300 nm laser in coaxial package with SM-pigtail, low power
TLE5207 Infineon5A DC motor driver with inhibit
BCV61C InfineonNPN silicon double transistor

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