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GS260-DO HYB3165405BT-50 BF414 SFH325 BUP307 LST670-L SFH203FA SAB-C515-L24M TBA229-5 LY5380-H SDA5252M BSS135 BC818-16W LY3386-N BUP213 LSYA676-P+P LGH380-H SFH206 BTS432D2 SAB83C515A-5N18 BAT15-074S HYB3164805BJ-50 HYB3164165TL-60 BB640 IL66B BCX55-16 SFH600 LO5411-R

Infineon Datablade Catalog-65

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
LOA670-HK InfineonOrange SIDELED
LGM670-K InfineonGreen mini TOPLED
LGS260-DO InfineonGreen LED
HYB3165405BT-50 Infineon16M x 4bit DRAM
BF414 InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
SFH325 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor
BUP307 InfineonIGBT
LST670-L InfineonSuper-red TOPLED
SFH203FA InfineonSilicon PIN photodiode with very short switching time
SAB-C515-L24M Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller for external memory (24 MHz)
TBA229-5 InfineonDual sound FM IF amplifier
LY5380-H Infineon5mm yellow LED
SDA5252M InfineonTVTEXT 8-Bit microcontroller, ROM-versions, 16 Kbyte internally
BSS135 InfineonN-channel SIPMOS small-signal transistor
BC818-16W InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
LY3386-N InfineonYellow LED
BUP213 InfineonIGBT
LSYA676-P+P InfineonSuper-red/yellow multi SIDELED
LGH380-H InfineonGreen 5mm symbol LED
SFH206 InfineonSilicon PIN photodiode with daylight filter
BTS432D2 InfineonSmart highside power switch
SAB83C515A-5N18 Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller with mask-programmable ROM, 18 MHz
BAT15-074S InfineonHiRel Silicon schottky diode
HYB3164805BJ-50 Infineon8M x 8bit DRAM
HYB3164165TL-60 Infineon4M x 16bit DRAM
BB640 InfineonSilicon variable capacitance diode
IL66B InfineonPhotodarlington optocoupler
BCX55-16 InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
SFH600 InfineonPhototransistor optocoupler
LO5411-R Infineon5mm orange LED

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