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LTC1265CS LT1229 LT1086IM-3.6 LT1107 LTC1595BIS8 LTC693IN LTC1503-1.8 LT1500 LT1120A LTC1148CN LT1008CH LTC222MJ LTC1096ACS8 LT1534-1 LTC1047 LTC1418 LT1076IT-5 LTC1643L LTC1444IS LTC1199LCS8 LTC1099 LT1375HVIS8 LTC1197LCS8 LT1376HVCS LTC1335 LTC1335IS LT1001ACH

Linear Datablade Catalog-27

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
LM329CH Linear6.9V precision voltage reference
LT1425 LinearIsolated Flyback Switching Regulators
OP270 LinearDual/Quad Low Noise, Precision Operational Amplifiers
LTC1265CS Linear1.2A, high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter
LT1229 LinearDual and Quad 100MHz Current Feedback Amplifiers
LT1086IM-3.6 Linear1.5A low dropout positive regulators fixed 3.6V
LT1107 LinearMicropower DC/DC Converter Adjustable and Fixed 5V, 12V
LTC1595BIS8 LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LTC693IN LinearMicroprocessor supervisory circuits
LTC1503-1.8 LinearHigh Efficiency Inductorless Step-Down DC/DC Converter
LT1500 LinearAdaptive-Frequency Current Mode Switching Regulators
LT1120A LinearMicropower Regulator with Comparator and Shutdown
LTC1148CN LinearHigh efficiency synchronous step-down switching regulators
LT1008CH LinearPicoamp input current, microvolt offset, low noise operational amplifier
LTC222MJ LinearMicropower, low charge injection, quad CMOS analog switches with data latches
LTC1096ACS8 LinearMicropower sampling 8-bit serial I/O A/D converters, 16ms conversion time, 5V operation
LT1534-1 LinearUltralow Noise 2A Switching Regulator
LTC1047 LinearDual Micropower Chopper Stabilized Operational Amplifier with Internal Capacitors
LTC1418 LinearLow Power, 14-Bit, 200ksps ADC with Serial and Parallel I/O
LT1076IT-5 LinearFixed 5V output, step-down switching regulator, 2A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency
LTC1643L LinearPCI-Bus Hot Swap Controller
LTC1444IS LinearUltralow power quad comparators with reference
LTC1199LCS8 Linear10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with auto shutdown
LTC1099 LinearHigh Speed 8-Bit A/D Converter with Built-In Sample-and-Hold
LT1375HVIS8 Linear1.5A, 500kHz step-down switching regulators
LTC1197LCS8 Linear10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with auto shutdown
LT1376HVCS Linear1.5A, 500kHz step-down switching regulators
LTC1335 LinearRS232/EIA562/RS485 Transceivers
LTC1335IS Linear4-EIA562 transceiver /2-RS485 transceiver
LT1001ACH LinearPrecision operational amplifier

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