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-330 MY51D MSGB64WP MYB20DO MSE18TA-4 SMI-42-471 SMI-60-330 PCT-1611 MS136A SPC-1205P-561 BC179 MG136A-3 MG51D M66T MGB64DH SMI-40-330 MOB100D 2SB564 SMI-90-821 MPS6566 MGB51TA-1 SPC-0605-181 MU1231C MSB51TB-4 MGB31W SPC-1004P-680 MRB51C MGB36C SMI-40-22D

Micro Electronics Datablade Catalog-34

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
SPC-06502-390 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
SMI-50-330 Micro ElectronicsSMD inductor
MY51D Micro Electronics5V, 60mW yellow LED lamp
MSGB64WP Micro Electronics5V, 100mW red/green dual color lamp
MYB20DO Micro Electronics5V, 60mW ultra high brightness red LED lamp
MSE18TA-4 Micro Electronics5V, 100mW red LED lamp
SMI-42-471 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
SMI-60-330 Micro ElectronicsSMD inductor
PCT-1611 Micro ElectronicsTransformer for modem
MS136A Micro ElectronicsLed single digit display
SPC-1205P-561 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
BC179 Micro Electronics300mW PNP silicon planar epitaxial transistor
MG136A-3 Micro Electronics0.36" single digit numeric display
MG51D Micro ElectronicsGreen led lamp
M66T Micro ElectronicsSimple melody generator
MGB64DH Micro Electronics100mW, 5V - flangeless rectangular bar led lamp
SMI-40-330 Micro ElectronicsSMD inductor
MOB100D Micro Electronics5V, 90mW orange LED lamp
2SB564 Micro ElectronicsSilicon PNP transistor for use in driver and output stages of audio frequency amplifiers
SMI-90-821 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MPS6566 Micro ElectronicsNPN silicon planar epitaxial transistor
MGB51TA-1 Micro Electronics90mW, 5V - 5mm ultra high brightness green led lamp
SPC-0605-181 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MU1231C Micro Electronics2.3
MSB51TB-4 Micro Electronics5V, 100mW ultra high brightness red LED lamp
MGB31W Micro Electronics5V green led lamp
SPC-1004P-680 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MRB51C Micro Electronics5V, 80mW red LED lamp
MGB36C Micro Electronics90mW, 5V 3mm ultra high brightness green led lamp
SMI-40-22D Micro ElectronicsSMD inductor

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