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0TK-2 SPC-1004P-220 SPC-0605-4R7 MS73D TIP30B 2SB592 2SD471 MO456A-RD MY1401A SPC-1005P-470 MG61D MSB58TA-3B 2N3108 L72CB1STA-L SMI-74-121 MSB120DA-2 MSB27TA-3 SMI-43-2R7 2SC1675 MYB51DA MPS-A70 BC302 MDL82 MSB68DA-5 2N5372 MOGB39W SPC-06503-370 SPC-0605-6R8 MSB32DH

Micro Electronics Datablade Catalog-4

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
SPC-1005P-680 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MGB2310TK-2 Micro Electronics5mm oval type high brightness yellow green led lamp
SPC-1004P-220 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
SPC-0605-4R7 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MS73D Micro ElectronicsFlangeless rectangular bar led lamp
TIP30B Micro Electronics5V complementary silicon epitaxial- base power transistor
2SB592 Micro Electronics750mW NPN silicon transistor
2SD471 Micro ElectronicsSilicon NPN transistor for use in driver and output stages of audio frequency amplifiers
MO456A-RD Micro Electronics5V, 75mW four digit numeric display
MY1401A Micro ElectronicsSeven sigment numeric display
SPC-1005P-470 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MG61D Micro ElectronicsSolid state indicator
MSB58TA-3B Micro Electronics5V, 100mW ultra high brightness red LED lamp
2N3108 Micro Electronics800mW NPN silicon AF medium power transistor
L72CB1STA-L Micro ElectronicsRight angle led lamp
SMI-74-121 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MSB120DA-2 Micro Electronics5V, 100mW ultra high brightness red LED lamp
MSB27TA-3 Micro Electronics5V, 100mW ultra high brightness red LED lamp
SMI-43-2R7 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
2SC1675 Micro Electronics250mW NPN silicon transistor
MYB51DA Micro Electronics5V, 60mW ultra high brightness yellow LED lamp
MPS-A70 Micro Electronics4V, 350W silicon AF small signal transistor
BC302 Micro Electronics850mW NPN silicon AF medium power amplifier
MDL82 Micro ElectronicsPhoto darlington transistor
MSB68DA-5 Micro Electronics5V, 100mW rectangular red LED lamp
2N5372 Micro Electronics500mW complementary silicon general purpose amplifier
MOGB39W Micro Electronics5V, 100mW orange green dual color lamp
SPC-06503-370 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
SPC-0605-6R8 Micro ElectronicsSMD power inductor
MSB32DH Micro Electronics40mW, 5V green led lamp

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