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RP MC100EP139DW MC74AC14ML2 MC10EP33DR2 MC74ACT08M MC10H117FNR2 MC14569BDT MC74AC74ML2 MC100EPT25D LM285D-1.2 MC14050BFL2 MC10H330L MPS6651 MC78L18ACP MC74AC245ML2 BUX48 M1MA141WKT3 MC74HC4060ADT MC74ACT00M MC74AC08D MC14099BDW DTB113ERLRM MC100EL90DW MC10131FN MC74AC646DW MC74AC

ON Semiconductor Datablade Catalog-103

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2N3904RL1 ON SemiconductorGeneral Purpose Transistors
MC78L15ACPRP ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulator
MC100EP139DW ON SemiconductorDivide by 2/4, Divide by 4/5/6 Clock Generation Chip
MC74AC14ML2 ON SemiconductorHex Inverter Schmitt Trigger
MC10EP33DR2 ON SemiconductorDivide By 4 Divider
MC74ACT08M ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input AND Gate
MC10H117FNR2 ON SemiconductorDual 2-Wide 2-3-Input OR-AND/OR-AND Gate
MC14569BDT ON SemiconductorProgrammable Divide-By-N Dual 4-Bit Binary/BCD Down Counter
MC74AC74ML2 ON SemiconductorDual D Type Positive Edge Triggered Flip Flop
MC100EPT25D ON SemiconductorDifferential LVECL/ECL to LVTTL Translator
LM285D-1.2 ON SemiconductorMicropower Voltage Reference Diodes
MC14050BFL2 ON SemiconductorHex Buffer
MC10H330L ON SemiconductorQuad Bus Driver/Receiver with 2-to-1 Output Multiplexers
MPS6651 ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor NPN
MC78L18ACP ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulator
MC74AC245ML2 ON SemiconductorOctal Bidirectional Transceiver with 3 State Inputs/Outputs
BUX48 ON SemiconductorSWITCHMODE II Series NPN Silicon Power Transistors
M1MA141WKT3 ON SemiconductorCommon Cathode Dual Switching Diode
MC74HC4060ADT ON Semiconductor14-Stage Binary Ripple Counter With Oscillator
MC74ACT00M ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input NAND Gate
MC74AC08D ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input AND Gate
MC14099BDW ON Semiconductor8-Bit Addressable Latches
DTB113ERLRM ON SemiconductorBias Resistor Transistor
MC100EL90DW ON SemiconductorTriple ECL to PECL Translator
MC10131FN ON SemiconductorDual Type D Master-Slave Flip-Flop
MC74AC646DW ON SemiconductorOctal Transceiver/Register with 3 State Outputs (Non Inverting)
MC74ACT05M ON SemiconductorHex Inverter With Open Drain Outputs
MC74AC20M ON SemiconductorDual 4 Input NAND Gate
MC14081BFL1 ON SemiconductorB-Suffix Series CMOS Gates
2N4410 ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor NPN

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