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162H540TA PI74FCT240TS PI90LVT14Q PI29FCT2520T PI3B16245A PI5C3383S PI3B3384L PI74ALVC162334A PI74LPT16646A PI5C32X384CB PI5C3126CQ PI6C2308A-1LI PI5C3305L PI74FCT162511TA PI74FCT238TQ PS4052CSE PI74FCT16260TV PI74FCT2273TQ PI74ALVCH16240A PI74FCT843TP PI74FCT191TQ PI3B16862A PI7

Pericom Semiconductor Datablade Catalog-49

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
PI74FCT543TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS latched transceiver
PI74FCT162H540TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit buffer/line driver
PI74FCT240TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal buffer/line driver
PI90LVT14Q Pericom Semiconductor15 clock distribution
PI29FCT2520T Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS multilevel pipeline register
PI3B16245A Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, hot insertion 16-bit 2-port bus switch
PI5C3383S Pericom Semiconductor5-bit,4-port bus exchange switch
PI3B3384L Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, hot insertion 10-bit,2-port bus switch
PI74ALVC162334A Pericom Semiconductor16-bit universal bus driver with 3-state outputs
PI74LPT16646A Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 16-bit registered transceiver
PI5C32X384CB Pericom Semiconductor20-bit, 2-port bus switch
PI5C3126CQ Pericom Semiconductor4-bit bus switch with 2V undershoot protection
PI6C2308A-1LI Pericom Semiconductor3.3V zero-delay buffer
PI5C3305L Pericom Semiconductor2-bit bus switch with individual enables
PI74FCT162511TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit registered/latched transceiver with parity
PI74FCT238TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 1-of-8 decoder
PS4052CSE Pericom Semiconductor17V CMOS analog multiplexer/switch
PI74FCT16260TV Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit tri-port bus exchanger
PI74FCT2273TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal D flip-flop with master reset
PI74ALVCH16240A Pericom SemiconductorInverting 12-bit buffer driver with 3-state outputs
PI74FCT843TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS bus interface latche
PI74FCT191TQ Pericom SemiconductorHigh speed CMOS presettable synchronous 4-bit binary counter
PI3B16862A Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, 20-bit, 2-port bus switch
PI74FCT245TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal bidirectional transceiver
PI5A381AP Pericom SemiconductorPrecision wide bandwidth analog switch
PS4066ACEE Pericom SemiconductorLow-cost, quad, SPST, CMOS analog switch
PI6C2308-1LI Pericom Semiconductor3.3V zero-delay buffer
PI3C32160A Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, high bandwidth, 1632-bit PCI hot-plug mux/demux bus switch
PI74FCT162H374TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit register (3-state)
PI74FCT16374TV Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit register (3-state)

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