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TQ PI74FCT2253TS PI74FCT3244R PI74FCT3573Q PS397CPI PS323EUAX PI74FCT257TQ PI74FCT825TP PI3B32384L PI3B16224 PI5C162214V PI5C3125CL PI5C16212K PI74FCT2861TQ PI90LVB044L PI90LVB022L PI6C3Q991-5IJ PI74LCX646H PI74SSTV16859A PS323ESA PI5C3401P PI3B162212 PI74FCT541TR PI74FCT574TR PI

Pericom Semiconductor Datablade Catalog-6

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
PI5C6800L Pericom Semiconductor10-bit bus switch with precharged outputs for live insertion
PI74FCT821TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS bus interface register
PI74FCT2253TS Pericom SemiconductorHigh-speed CMOS dual 4-input multiplexer
PI74FCT3244R Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit Buffer/line driver
PI74FCT3573Q Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit transparent latch
PS397CPI Pericom SemiconductorPrecision 16-channel/dual 8-channel, 17V analog multiplexer
PS323EUAX Pericom SemiconductorPrecision, single-supply SPST analog switch
PI74FCT257TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS quad 2-input multiplexer
PI74FCT825TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS bus interface register
PI3B32384L Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, hot insertion 10-bit,2-port bus switch
PI3B16224 Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, 12-bit to 24-bit demux/mux bus switch
PI5C162214V Pericom Semiconductor12-bit,3-to-1 bus-select switch
PI5C3125CL Pericom Semiconductor4-bit bus switch with 2V undershoot protection
PI5C16212K Pericom Semiconductor24-bit bus exchange switch
PI74FCT2861TQ Pericom Semiconductor10-bit non-inverting bus transceiver
PI90LVB044L Pericom SemiconductorLVDS dual 2 x 2 crosspoint/repeater switch
PI90LVB022L Pericom SemiconductorLVDS mux/repeater
PI6C3Q991-5IJ Pericom Semiconductor3.3V programmable PLL clock driver
PI74LCX646H Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit regitered transceiver
PI74SSTV16859A Pericom Semiconductor13-bit to 24-bit registered buffer
PS323ESA Pericom SemiconductorPrecision, single-supply SPST analog switch
PI5C3401P Pericom Semiconductor6-bit,3-port bus exchange switch
PI3B162212 Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, 24-bit bus exchange switch
PI74FCT541TR Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal buffer/line driver
PI74FCT574TR Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal D register (3-state)
PI74FCT162Q373TB Pericom SemiconductorFast,low noise CMOS 16-bit transparent latch
PI5C34X245Z Pericom Semiconductor32-bit, 2-port bus switch
PI6C39912-5J Pericom Semiconductor3.3V high speed LVTTL or balanced output programmable skew clock buffer
PI3C3244L Pericom Semiconductor2.5/3.3V, high bandwidth, hot insertion, 8-bit, 2-port bus switch
PI74FCT162H245TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit bidirectional transceiver

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