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RT8002A FDC37C666GT LPC47N227 COM20020P CAM35C44 COM81C17 KBD43W13 MON35W82

SMSC Datablade Catalog-3

Del NejFabrikantAnvendelse
FDC87W22 SMSCPower I/O controller
FDC37B77X SMSCEnhanced super I/O controller
CRT8002A SMSCCRT video display attributes controller video generator, 20MHz
FDC37C666GT SMSCHigh-performance multi-mode parallel port super I/O floppy disk controller
LPC47N227 SMSC100 pin super I/O with LPC interface
COM20020P SMSCUniversal local area network controller with 2Kx8 on-board RAM
CAM35C44 SMSCInfared communications controller chip cameraFR
KBD43W13 SMSCKeyboard and PS/2 mouse controller
MON35W82 SMSCHardware monitoring IC

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