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04BR OP400FY AD73360LAR ADG409TQ AD1866 AD7569TQ AD743KR-16-REEL AD9853AS AD9801 AD711JN AD737KN ADP3338AKC-2.85 AD622AN ADG432ABR AD7237BQ ADSP-2183KCA-210 AD8401CHIPS OP297GS-REEL AD7245AAP AD7843ARQ-REEL7 AD677AD AD7664ASTRL ADM235L AD8403AN50 OP462DRU AD1851R-J AD834JR AD8004

ADI Datablade Catalog-171

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AD9701 ADI250MSPS Video Digital-to-Analog Converter
AD9870EB ADIIF digitizing subsystem. For portable and mobile radio products, digital UHF/VHF FDMA products and TETRA
AD7304BR ADI0.3-8V; 50mA; rail-to-rail quad, 8-bit DAC
OP400FY ADIQuad low-offset, low-power operational amplifier
AD73360LAR ADI0.3-4.6V; six-input channel analog front end. For general-purpose analog input
ADG409TQ ADI44V; 20-40mA; LC2MOS 4-/8-channel high performance analog multiplexer. For audio and video routing, automatic test equipment
AD1866 ADISingle Supply Dual 16-Bit Audio DAC
AD7569TQ ADI-0.3 to +7V; 450mW; LC2MOS complete, 8-bit analog I/O system
AD743KR-16-REEL ADI140dB)
AD9853AS ADI6V; 5mA; programmable digital QPSK/16-QAM modulator. For HFC data, telephone and video modems, wireless LAN
AD9801 ADI10-Bit, 18 MSPS 1-Channel CCD Processor for Digital Still Camera and Video Conferencing Applications
AD711JN ADI+-22V; 500mW; precision, low cost, high speed, BiFET Op Amp
AD737KN ADI+-16.5V; 200mW; low cost, low power, tue RMS-to-DC converter
ADP3338AKC-2.85 ADI0.3-8.5V; high accuracy ultralow 1A anyCAP low dropout regulator. For notebook, palmtop computers, SCSI terminators, battery-powered systems
AD622AN ADI18V; 650mW; low cost instrumentation amplifier. For transducer interface, low cost thermocouple amplifier
ADG432ABR ADI44V; 30-100mA; 470mW; LC2MOS precision quad SPST switch. For audio and video switching, automatic test equipment, precision data acquisition
AD7237BQ ADI-0.3, +17V; 1000mW; LC2MOS 12-bit DACPORT
ADSP-2183KCA-210 ADI0.3-4.6V; DSP microcomputer
AD8401CHIPS ADI8V; 8-bit, 4-channel data acquisition system. For servo controls, digitally controlled calibration, process control equipment
OP297GS-REEL ADI20V; dual low bias current precision operational amplifier. For strain gauge and bridge amplifiers
AD7245AAP ADI-0.3, +17V; 450mW; LC2MOS 12-bit DACPORT
AD7843ARQ-REEL7 ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; touch screen digitizer
AD677AD ADI16-bit 100 kSPS sampling ADC, S/(N+D) 89 dB
AD7664ASTRL ADI700mW; 16-bit, 570kSPS CMOS ADC. For data acquisition, instrumentation, digital signal processing, spectrum analysis
ADM235L ADI+5 V Powered CMOS RS-232 Driver/Receiver
AD8403AN50 ADI0.3-8V; 1/2/4-channel digital potentiometers. For mechanical potentiometer replacement, programmable filters, delays, time constants, volume control, panning, line impendance matching, power supply adjustment
OP462DRU ADI6V; 50mA; 15MHz rail-to-rail operational amplifier. For portable instrumentation, sampling ADC amplifier, wirelell LANs, direct access arrangement, office automation
AD1851R-J ADI0-6.50V; 16-bit, 16 x Fs PCM audio DAC.For high-end compact disc players, digital audio amplifiers, DAT recorders and players
AD834JR ADI18V; 500mW; 500MHz 4-quadrant multiplier. For high-speed real time computation
AD8004AR-14 ADI12.6V; quad 3000V/uS, 35mW current feedback amplifier. For image scanners, active filters, video switches, special effects

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